Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bush's Health Care and Me

So I get a $7,500 tax credit per year to cover health care. My pre existing illness makes me have to spend $6600.00 per yr on premiums; a minimum of $480 on drug co-pays which could increase significantly if other issues arise; $280 in dr visits, $300 for out patient treatments; $80 testing for a total of $7700. That’s if my health doesn’t change.

It will change. In fact, I am fighting a condition that will kill me, probably in a couple of years. I can expect increasing regular costs and sooner or later another long-term hospitalization.

I need help for my monthly medical expenses which at present add up to a minimum of $650 per month. The drs, my rent, the pharmacy, my electric bill will not wait for a possible January tax refund.

So pardon me if I am not doing back flips.