Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Sky is Falling

Why? Because the Orlando Sentinel Editorial Page and I agree on something.

I mentioned in an earlier post that Florida is thinking about moving up its primary because we lack the political clout that an early primary would give us. That's crap because, as we all know, other states will just move theirs up too.

I say enough. Although I fail to see why Iowa and New Hampshire should come first (is this the sacred cow syndrome?), I think the Sentinel rightly brings up this slightly dated, but legitimate, alternative to the race to be relevant:

One promising alternative was proposed after the 2004 election by a
bipartisan panel headed by former President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of
State James Baker. After the traditional opening contests in Iowa and New
Hampshire, a dozen states, grouped by regions, would hold primaries once a month
from March through June. The regions would rotate, giving each a chance to go
first every 16 years. Voters would have more time to evaluate candidates. The
ones with less money and notoriety might boost their chances by focusing on one

As with all things, there is no one "right" answer, but we really need to start looking at ways to stop the insanity called our election cycle.