Sunday, January 28, 2007

Wolf, What Happened To Your Boys?

Ok, my guess is that we have all seen the Blitzer/Chaney cage match. It is one of the ugliest events I have ever seen recorded.

But my complaint is not with Cheney. After all we should know from the start Cheney is going to lie his tail off. No, what amazed me was Blitzer’s pathetic weenie-bound attempt to plant a wet one on Chaney’s rear.

After Cheney attempted to cut Blitzer off at the knees, “Frankly, you're out of line with that question.” Wolf fell silent, then stammered, and then did everything up to volunteering to father Mary’s next child in order to appease the raging VP.

Go ahead, watch the clip if you can bare to. If you must, mute everything but the last 10 seconds. Observe how a so-called news anchor willingly becomes a eunuch on national TV. Sad, so very very sad.

Updated link (thanks BGRS):
Chaney/Blitzer on youtube