Monday, May 21, 2007

Be Elite Be Cool

This is a companion post to the truly outstanding piece by Corpus Juris below, "The Hunters v. The Herd". If we had more information omnivores, getting intelligent and well rounded meals from across the full spectrum of media, this country would be in far better shape. But part and parcel with this thought, and the discussion below by Corpus Juris, is the fact that politicians have intentionally sought to "dumb down" the citizenry by accusing people who want more then the superficial, who want nuance and detail, of being "elitist".

The shaming of the intelligent and informed as being "elitist" is primarily a campaign by conservative Republicans. Contrary to popular belief, it is not because the conservative Republican progenitors are dumb, or ill informed. Instead, the tact of decrying "elitism" is interjected in the political discourse because it's the only way they can sell their snake oil. When people are educated and aware, the gaping holes, fraud and general destructive nature of the conservative Republican policy set are exposed immediately. So, be an omnivore of news from a broad range of media sources. Compare and contrast. Look for nuance; demand detail. Be intelligent. Be informed. Be elite. Be cool.