Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Crystal Ball Gazing: Kraske Kisses (Convicted) Republican Ass Edition

At 11:00 today, Steve Kraske will inexplicably give convicted felon and former congressional candidate Adam Taff a microphone when he interviews him on Up to Date on KCUR at 11:00 a.m. central time.

In the promos for the show, he says Taff “He still wants to make a difference.” Here is the blurb from the KCUR website:

Former Navy aviator and congressional candidate Adam Taff discusses life before and after prison.


Has he moved out of the house he stole?

No? So he isn’t credible and certainly is not exhibiting contrition.

To bring you up to speed on the Kansas 03 favorite felon, I refer you to a post I wrote in December of 2005:

How to Steal a $1.2 M McMansion

Former congressional candidate Adam Taff, who gave incumbent Democrat from the Kansas 3rd Dennis Moore the run of his career just thirteen months ago pleaded guilty to a wire-fraud charge that stems from using campaign monies and fraudulent statements on a mortgage application in order to purchase a 1.2 million dollar house he could not afford without cheating. He could get 30 years.

Instead of buying a house he could afford, the former Navy Fighter Pilot overstated his income, which in reality was between $75-80,000; by approximately $100,000 dollars. He stated his monthly income as $15,000 when it was "only" $6,500.

He also engaged in a convoluted, but stupid in it's transparency, scheme to use $300,000 in campaign funds during his run for congress in 2004 as a significant portion of the down payment for a $1.2 million dollar home in Lake Quivira (Chiefs and Royals live in Lake Quivira, an exclusive community in Johnson County where the realtors pre-qualify prospective buyers before showing houses.)

I have left multiple messages on voice mail at Lake Quivira city hall requesting comment on the case, and I have contacted the county Register of Deeds and requested a title search, as Mr. and Mrs. Taff still occupy the house they stole. No one is talking about that little rubrick. Even when the Kansas City Star showed him doing the Perp Walk and did a feature article, the fact that they are still in possession of the house was not even mentioned.

And there you have it children, the moral of the story: You were duped, crime really does pay!

The guys at Fired Up! Missouri have been dismissing Kraske as a Republican shill who is tired of journalism and wanting a press gig in a Republican administration for quite some time. And you know what? They are sooo right. The lovefest is going to be sickening. What will you bet he doesn’t even call him on still living in that house?