Thursday, May 31, 2007

Okay, So We Kinda Disagree..

..So, naturally, I thought I'd take it out of comments and put it front page...because...well, hell, it's interesting.

- In one corner, me; concerned that Jack Kevorkian isn't getting due respect from the 'dignified death' movement. (Assisted Suicide, Right to Death, wev..)
- In the other corner, SocraticGadfly; stating that Kevorkian's baggage and "glory-hounding" makes him a bad choice for the face of said movement.

Read both posts; our debate appears to be about whether or not Kevorkian, because of what he did, should be recognized by assisted suicide advocates.

I imagine that the reality lies somewhere in between. Jack Kevorkian's acts and the push for the establishment of an acceptable and legal framework for handling end-of-life issues with was one of the hot button issues of the 1990's...And with Kevorkian's release from prison and the subsequent publicity surrounding it, is sure to become so again.