Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Steve Kraske interviews Adam and Beth Taff

Blue Girl asked me to listen to Steve Kraske's interview with Adam and Beth Taff. In the middle of drafting this brief post my time was demanded by something else. It is a work day after all. I thought I saved my notes as a draft. I accidentally published. I have revised that collection of notes. Sorry for my mistake.

I listened to the Taff interview very carefully. I am left with the question, why are we supposed to feel sorry for Adam and Beth Taff? What makes them so special?

Kraske gave Taff every opportunity to make me feel sorry for him. I don't. He was contrite sort of. No real apology. He regrets making an error in judgment, a mistake. I am pretty sure he regrets being caught.

It needs to be remembered that the Judge decided to give him jail time because the scheme was premeditated.

He says that he wants to put his military and prison experience to work for America. While Taff hemmed and hawed about running again, Kraske made it known that Taff is eligible to run for political office.

He did have some passionate things to say about how we fail to provide treatment for non-violent, mostly drug, offenders. Taff argues that we need to do better by the people who are sent to prison. Frankly, Taff's arguments about non-violent offenders were pretty powerful. Maybe he needs to focus his attention on those issues. He might be able serve America best lecturing on how badly we deal with people who commit non-violent crimes. If he does he will lose the votes of law and order Republicans.

At least two of the callers were really down on him. They called him a charlatan or was that a politician.

One caller asked a really interesting question. What makes Adam Taff so special? That's a question I really want answered. What makes Adam Taff any better than any of the people I have known over the years who served time for non-violent crimes. None of them were reintroduced to society by a friendly radio host. What makes Adam Taff so special? Maybe Steve Kraske can tell us.

I wonder what the rest of the net is saying. Sorry again for publishing my notes. I will try not to be distracted again.