Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Corrine Delivers

That is Democratic Rep. Corrine Brown's campaign slogan. She has a winding district that was formed by our Republican state legislature to encompass just about every minority voter from Orlando to Jacksonville. She's best known in Florida for delivering the pork to her district. She's been able to do this even in the Republican-run house.

Today, she was the only Central Florida-based Representative (the other seven are Republicans) to refuse to reveal her earmark requests.

Brown said doing so would "disenfranchise my constituents,"

Huh? It might disenfranchise other districts about her but I don't think it would have any affect on her district. She has strong support among her constituents.

Sorry, Dem or not, we're talking about accountability and she has refused. So, too , have both Senators from our state, Bill Nelson (D) and Mel Martinez (R), saying it would hurt their ability to negotiate. What?

I'm not fanatical about disclosing earmarks as some are but these reasons are ridiculous. If you're going to hide, you ought to be able to give a reason that doesn't insult our intelligence.

Remember, you can't have accountability in government if the process isn't transparent.