Saturday, June 30, 2007

David Obey and Surrendercrat Caucus Hand Vice President A Victory

Here's something that was only lightly touched in the news. Remember how all week we had been watching as Rahm Emanuel led a principled charge to defund the Vice President's office. At 6:30 Thursday night Surrendercrats David Obey, John Murtha and Ike Skelton persuaded 21 other Democrats to join with Republicans to defeat Rahm Emanuel's resolution 207-214. Many of the same "powerful" old farts who bowed to the President on the Iraq supplemental demonstrated that they are more interested in keeping their rich and powerful friends happy than in returning America to greatness. Take a look at the linked roll call to see if your Democratic congressman is a member of the Surrendercrat caucus.

Raw Story reports that the leader of the Surrendercrat caucus, David Obey, was unavailable for comment. Apparently he was able to slink out of town before anybody could ask him why the Surrendercrat caucus voted to fund the Vice President.

The White House is tickled. "We are pleased to see a bipartisan majority reject this political stunt," said Cheney spokeswoman Megan McGinn.

What is it going to take to convince Obey and the Surrendercrat caucus that their majority power will be fleeting if they don't stand up to the Republicans and start representing the will of the people? I don't know about you, but I am tired of having my chain pulled by Congressional Democrats. Just when you think they are growing a pair, the Surrendercrats come out of the woodwork and neuter them.

Everybody says things will be different on Iraq in September. I don't see it. The Surrendercrats are still large and in charge. They never miss an opportunity to bow to the the President.