Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fox News' Juan Williams Sends A Message To Dick Cheney

You have to go to Think Progress to see the video, but on this morning's Fox News Sunday Juan Williams issued a stinging indictment of Dick Cheney's refusal to comply with the President's executive order on security oversight.


CHRIS WALLACE: Al Gore complied with this. So did Dick Cheney for the first two years. Why on earth would they make a fight over this?

WILLIAM KRISTOL: They like to fight to fight to preserve the prerogatives of the White House. And it is a pain in the neck having some bureaucrat from the bureau of archives come and inspect your safe to see whether you’re locking it up properly each night. I remember that when I was the vice president’s chief of staff, and I complied. But if the president wants to exempt his own office and the vice president’s office from that, that’s reasonable enough. There’s no reason the archivists have to investigate the security procedures in the vice president’s office.

JUAN WILLIAMS: Maybe they have a reason because he stopped complying with the law.

KRISTOL: There’s no law.

WILLIAMS: Yes, there’s an executive order —

KRISTOL: The president understands to have exempted his own office and the vice president’s office.

WILLIAMS: The president has not written anything about this, as Brit has said. He didn’t amend the law. And so what you have is, not only is it that there’s classified documents — we don’t know where they go, what happens to them. E-mails disappear in this White House, and you say, what happened to the e-mails? ‘Oh, no, we have a private account.’ This is all a dodge, this is a game, in order to, I guess, keep Dick Cheney in some kind of secured undisclosed bunker of his mind so he can’t let the American people know what’s going on with their government and how decisions are made. He won’t tell people who’s visiting his house, who’s visiting his office. Scooter Libby is letting people know who works for the CIA as an agent. This is ridiculous.

BRIT HUME: One of the more compelling indictments i’ve heard. Well done, Juan.
If memory serves Juan Williams is the token "liberal" on Fox News, but as you will notice neither Chris Wallace nor Brit Hume chose to defend Cheney. Hume even gave Williams a "well done." If you are the Republican Vice President and your only defender on Fox News Sunday is the ever reliable neo-conservative suck up William Kristol, you have got to know you are in a world of hurt.

The explanation that this is all some sort of separation of powers dust up is beginning to ring hollow. America has to ask Dick Cheney, with one voice, a whole series of questions. What top secret documents have you lost? Who breached your office's security? When? How many times? Did you give secrets away to your friends? Are you a traitor, or just an incompetent old fool?