Saturday, June 23, 2007

Texas GOP Torn Between Xenophobes and Exploiters

The debate over illegal immigration threatens a chasm in the Texas Republican Party like no other issue has for many years. And as one who tends to vote Democratic, I'm enjoying the show. Sort of like a Washington version of the WWF.

The big GOP punchers are in separate corners. U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison announced on Thursday that she will vote against reviving the immigration overhaul bill when it returns to Senate floor next week, the Houston Chronicle reports. U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, normally a loyal waterboy for the Bush administration, has been against it all along, almost getting into some silly codger fight with John McCain over it weeks ago.

It's a big deal when you have both Texas U.S. senators opposing a bill with the full backing of the Bush administration. I love to see these people fighting with each other. But what's funnier, in a dark way, is that both sides reek of sulfur.

The Chronicle, compelled by MSM "objectivity," characterized the bout almost mildly: "The issue has deeply split the Republican Party, pitting business
interests that favor the Senate bill against a restive conservative
base that views it as nothing more than a repeat of the 1986 amnesty."

I cannot know what is really in the hearts and minds of Hutchison and Cornyn, such as those hearts and minds are. But they basically speak, in opposition to amnesty, for bigots who simply don't want any more brown-skinned, Spanish-speaking people coming to the U.S. Unlike some labor groups, they aren't seriously concerned with the effects of illegal immigrants on jobs or wages. And they don't care what kind of stark conditions in Mexico are compelling so many to take on a dangerous trek to "el norte."

They represent a lot of trogs who are nostalgic for a time when the only Mexicans they usually had to look at were either mowing the lawn or bringing out the fajitas.

And then there are the Il Doofus supporters who favor the proposed amnesty. Don't think they favor it because of any concern for the plight of illegal immigrants, who live in fear of deportation, can't sue when they are hurt on the job, face deprivation when they are shipped home to a country that has been thoroughly looted by a corrupt ruling class, etc.

This Republican faction, the "moderates," on this issue at least, would really miss their gardeners, their cleaning women. The restaurant owners would really miss the busboys, waitresses and dishwashers who work so cheaply. There are so many menial jobs these folks will do eagerly and inexpensively -- and Americans usually don't want to do them, at least not for so little.

There won't be any resolution to this anytime soon, not even if the Democrats try to work out some third way. But in the meantime, it's especially savory for one who has watched Texas Republicans gloat and preen for so many years to watch them tearing each other up over this now. And there are no good guys in this fight.

Manifesto Joe Is An Underground Writer Living In Texas.