Monday, July 16, 2007

About Half The Money Raised From Employees Of The Military By Republican Presidental Candidates During The Second Quarter Donated To Ron Paul

Remember Lindsey Graham saying on Meet The Press that the men and women of the military are strongly in favor of the war in Iraq, and James Webb responding that the opinion of military people is just about the same as the rest of the country? Well here are some numbers that seem to back up Sen. Webb. According to the blog IraqSlogger antiwar Republican Ron Paul "received nearly 50% of the money donated by employees of the US military" to Republicans. The blog The Truth @ The Spin Factor Atomizing the truth (An academic journal) citing just released Federal Election Commission data pegs the percentages at:

52.53% Ron Paul
35.4% McCain
7.9% Romney
5.2% Rudy
2.2% Hunter
2.6% Others.
The numbers need to be verified, but if true they would demonstrate that staying the course is not as popular with the military as Republicans believe.