Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Al Qaeda's Coming! Al Qaeda's Coming!

Quick! Run! Hide! Be afraid! Al Qaeda's coming
and only the Decider can protect you!!!!!

Enough, already. This harkens back to the days of terror alerts. When Bush's ratings would begin to drift downward, a new and not-so-real threat of terrorist activity would be sure to follow.

Apparently, Bush's Brain is sticking with what he knows. Almost every major news outlet has caught on to the fact that Bush has upticked his use of Al Qaeda in his speeches. We now have Al Qaeda, the major group of insurgents in Iraq, Chertoff's "gut" and, today, the notion that Al Qaeda is the greatest threat to sweep across our borders.

"Although we have discovered only a handful of individuals in the United States with ties to al Qaeda senior leadership since 9/11, we judge that al Qaeda will intensify its efforts to put operatives here," states an NIE summary.

"As a result, we judge that the United States currently is in a heightened threat environment," the summary says.

All this, in an attempt to raise Bush's popularity. Rasmussen seems to think it's working. Bush has bounced up to 39%. Even Newsweek has Bush bouncing up 3% to 29%.

You would think we would have learned. And it looks like Most American People have. It's just the Republicans who are still stupid.
The bounce can be traced to the response of Republicans. Eighty percent (80%) of Republicans across the nation now give the President their approval.