Monday, July 23, 2007

Bill, Maybe The Whole Country Has Moved Left, or How Anti-War Ron Paul Proves Fox News Needs New Pundits

Watch this clip featuring Bill Kristol and Juan Williams. Much of the commentary has focused on Williams, but listen to Kristol.

Bill Kristol says the popularity of YearlyKos proves the entire Democratic party has moved dangerously to the left. The implication is that the Democratic party has been captured by its far left wing.

The DLC was all about making it respectable for Republican controlled corporations to give Democrats money. Of course it has been abandoned. It has outlived its usefulness. Those "far left" wingers are outpacing the GOP by a wide margin in fundraising.

The number one Republican candidate is "none of the above". Except for Ron Paul all of the Republican Candidates are war crazy. Most Republicans want a responsible end to the war. That is the only reason the kooky Ron Paul is doing so well.

Hey, Bill, Juan is right. The Republican fiasco of the last 7 years, and especially the war in Iraq, has awakened the whole damn country. The Democrats have embraced the awakening. The Democrats have moved to the country. The Republicans are stuck in the mud unable to change. Bill, you, the Republican party and your neo-con buddies are tottering on the brink of total irrelevance.