Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Brian Ross Backs Up Chertoff's Gut Feeling

Is this serious? The Bushies like to cry wolf when they want attention, but that doesn't mean a wolf doesn't live in the woods.

There have been reports that Al Qaeda has regrouped in Pakistan and there is no good reason not to believe those reports. After all we are scared spitless that Pervez Musharraf will fall if he fights Al Qaeda too hard. There is no election at stake.

Larry Johnson has an alternative theory.

Some malevolent, media savvy jihadi sympathizers have been watching us with great amusement since the two bozos failed to blow themselves up or kill anyone in the London/Glasgow terrorist fiasco. They now realize they only need to pass on seemingly credible threats and we, like the tigers chasing each other round the tree in Little Black Sambo, will turn ourselves into pancake batter. The aspiring terrorists do not have to do a thing beyond generate the threat. We'll inflict the rest of the wounds ourselves on ourselves.
Brian Ross' reference to the London and Glasgow terrorist attacks would seem to give Johnson's theory some support. Personally, I am not going to break out the depends, but I am not going to be shocked if we are hit.

One final point, actually it is a question for our Commander In Chief. Why the hell are Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Zawahiri still walking the Earth free men?

Oh, yeh, I remember, we had to divert our military to make war on Iraq. Thanks Gabe at Eye Of The Witch for reminding me.