Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bush Changes Course Again And Threatens To Veto SCHIP Compromise

The New York Times is reporting tonight that George Bush has reversed course yet again and is again threatening to veto the bipartisan Senate SCHIP reauthorization bill. If he does veto the bill, there will not be enough time to pass a second bill before the program expires in September. Just imagine Matt Blunt learning that Missouri will not have enough money to fund its SCHIP program and that 106,000 kids are suddenly going to be without health care. If you are a Republican, or if you care at all about children, that can't be a pretty thought. If the President uses the veto pin on any bill that is remotely similar to the Senate version, he will undoubtedly be delivering a massive blow to the already battered Republican party. Senate Republicans can't be pleased.

I suspect that the President is sending a message to House Democrats to scale back any expectations that their much more ambitious SCHIP reauthorization bill will be adopted by the conference committee.