Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bush self-delusionally opted for surge despite CIA pessimism

Last November, CIA Director Michael Hayden threw a bucket of cold-water reality in the face of Bush’s delusional “Churchillian victory” in Iraq. The details:

Early on the morning of Nov. 13, 2006, members of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group gathered around a dark wooden conference table in the windowless Roosevelt Room of the White House.

For more than an hour, they listened to President Bush give what one panel member called a “Churchillian” vision of “victory” in Iraq and defend the country's prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki. “A constitutional order is emerging,” he said.

Later that morning, around the same conference table, CIA Director Michael V. Hayden painted a starkly different picture for members of the study group. Hayden said “the inability of the government to govern seems irreversible,” adding that he could not “point to any milestone or checkpoint where we can turn this thing around,” according to written records of his briefing and the recollections of six participants. …

According to the written record and others in the room, Hayden at one point likened the situation in Iraq to a marathon. He said there comes a point in each race when the runner knows he can complete the challenge. But Hayden said he could see no such point in Iraq's future.

To me, this only further underscores the delusionary state of Bush’s mind on Iraq, combined with his dry-drunk stubbornness on the issue. It’s a deplorable combination that has been, and continues to be, deadly.

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