Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Campaign Video Of The Day -- July 31, 2007

Today's Campaign Video isn't really a campaign video. According to the Hillbillyreport.com

The video below is a microcosm of what went on all day Sunday at Senator Mitch McConnell’s house. Nearly every car that passed his house honked in support of the Iraq summer Group’s efforts to end the Iraq war.
Filmed on July 29, the video was uploaded to YouTube very early yesterday morning.

The Horns Are Honkin To End The Iraq War

Today's first nominated video is Ron Paul (Save us from Chemtrails). It is easy to understand how a Ron Paul supporter could believe there is a connection between well understood aircraft contrails and UFO's, but I don't understand why the two topics are in the same video. The video's producer John23 says he is from North Vancouver, BC. Maybe that explains something. Frankly, I think Ron Paul supporters can do better. If you can't the bloom is off your boy's candidacy. Nominate a good short video. I don't want any more 65 minute feature films. I don't have that much time to waste. If you can't explain why I should vote for Paul in 2 minutes or less, you aren't trying.

The second nominated video is Jackie in '08-"UNOFFICIAL" Campaign Video (Extended Version). Added to YouTube on July 28, 2007, by wyomountainman1, it includes "guest footage" of Hillary and Bill Clinton. You might want to watch it before Team Clinton asks YouTube to take it down.

If you want to nominate a video for Campaign Video of the Day, please email me at proctoring.congress@gmail.com subject: Campaign Video of the Day.

Hint to John23, aircraft contrails have been around ever since we have been able to fly aircraft high enough to produce them. There is nothing unknown or mysterious about a contrail.