Monday, July 30, 2007

Chris Dodd's Video Campaign

Like Joe Biden, Chris Dodd is a long time United States Senator. Like his father,Thomas J. Dodd, who was also a senator from Connecticut, Dodd has had a long and distinguished public career. To his credit he has accomplished much. At 63 he is the father of two young daughters. His oldest daughter, Grace was born September 13, 2001. Dodd has produced a spot called Amazing Grace talking about her and the world he wants to leave to all of our children.

Dodd has two signature issues. The first is Iraq. This video called Half Measures Won't Stop This President introduces his position.

His second issue is global warming. He is a proponent of a corporate carbon tax to force corporations to reduce their carbon emissions. This video is labeled New Dodd TV Ad: "Global"

Sadly this "new" ad was uploaded to YouTube on May 31. His very funny White Hare ad was introduced July 23, just in time for the YouTube Debate. In the world of the 2008 campaign three months between new ads is either a life time or a death sentence.

Today Dodd for President announced the addition of Aaron Welch as his Internet Technology Director. Dodd better hope Welch hits the ground running because he has a lot to makeup against a field of quality opponents, four of whom are very well financed.