Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Democratic Candidate Pop Quiz

Greg Sargent of TMP Election Central says one of the Democratic Candidates "has agreed to go on Bill O'Reilly's show to defend YearlyKos against O'Reilly's ongoing assault against the gathering and against DailyKos."

Is the candidate:

A. Bill Richardson;

B. Hillary Clinton; or

C. Chris Dodd?

The correct answer is C. Chris Dodd will soon appear to defend YearlyKos against O'Reilly's ongoing attacks on the Daily Kos.

Bonus point. How many people visited the DailyKos yesterday?

A. 50,325,

B. 150,235,

C. 353,235, or

D. 628,243?

If you said 628,243 give yourself extra credit. According to the Truthlaidbear.com, the DailyKos is an internet Higher Being. It's internet ranking is #1 with about five times the daily visitors of the number 2 ranked site, Michelle Malkin's blog. If you political animals are wondering WashingtonMonthly is a playful primate with about 35,000 daily visits. Today it is ranked #33.