Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fox attacks global warming and America's new terror

A video compilation of Faux News reports on the environment provided by Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films from Fox Attacks!

DJK serves up a comprehensive, in-depth page of wingnut quotes and sources. Plus, sign the petition telling Home Depot to stop advertising on Fox.

Just when I didn't think the scare-ertainment and propaganda network couldn't sink any lower, Bill O'Reilly ran a FAUX report on ...drum roll, please... America's new terror -- lesbian gangs. I kid you not! David Neiwert totally deconstructed O'Reilly's and paid-wingnut commentator Wheeler's imaginary ruminations with facts from the Southern Poverty Law Center last week.

Of course, Billo had to respond to the outcry over his erroneous and homophobic sexploitation broadcast. Chris Schecter offers the follow-up all-spin video and wonders about Billo, "...was this just one of your fantasies that somehow escaped that air-tight censor of yours while you were walking past the local falafel shop?"