Sunday, July 8, 2007

George Stephanopoulis Shocked To Hear Conyers Use "I" Word

This morning on ABC’s This Week, Chairman John Conyers suggested that the White House has very little room to stonewall, since a very significant minority of the American people (46%) want to see President Bush impeached and a growing majority of the American people favor the impeachment of Vice President Cheney (54%--although Conyers said 58% leading me to wonder if he has seen a new poll.) George Sephanopoulis almost had a cow, “I’m surprised you put impeachment on the table there. Are you open to pursuing that?” The question seemed to remind Conyers that he wasn't supposed to use the "I" word on television. Conyers said he was not putting it “on the table,” merely pointing out the views of the American people. Watching Conyers back up all over himself was pretty sad.

Maybe I just missed it, but why don't Stephanopoulis and the rest of America's pundit class want talk about the views of the American people on impeachment? As near as I can tell among the Washington elite, the topic isn't fit for polite conversation.

I would appreciate a real discussion on this topic. Comments please.

ThinkProgress has the video. I am sure it will be out on YouTube soon.

I would like to echo the sentiments of at least one commenter at ThinkProgress. Maybe we should all send Nancy Pelosi tables of all shapes and sizes. She might be able to find one to put impeachment on.