Sunday, July 22, 2007

George W. Bush As Bodhisvatta

Mahatma Gandhi, perhaps the greatest man of the last century, famously said "I am a Hindu, and I am a Muslim, and I am a Christian." He also realized that "God is Truth" and later "Truth is God." He was well on his way to enlightenment when he was tragically assassinated.

What is little known is that George W. Bush became an inspired student of the Buddha while a member of "skull and bones." It is clear to Aasif Mandvi, that after a lifetime of study our President has attained the enlightenment denied Gandhi. Instead of becoming one with the universe our President has elected to be America's very own bodhisvatta. He is wisely using Iraq to help us all overcome our preoccupation with false dualities. Aasif Mandvi explains: