Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hillary Clinton Might Not Be Republican Lite, But Howard Wolfson Appears To Be A Full Blown Republican Heavy

I made a mistake. I watched Chris Matthews on MSNBC tonight. He had as guests Hillary Clinton's mouthpiece, Howard Wolfson, and David Axelrod from the Barack Obama campaign. If Hillary Clinton really wants to avoid being labeled Bush-Cheney lite, she will never, ever, never send Wolfson to appear on television again. He appeared to be nothing so much as a standard Karl Rove selected, repeat the three prepared talking points over and over again, and scream when the other guy is trying to make his point, water carrier Republican. Of course, Tweedy did nothing to referee the fight, so poor old David Axelrod didn't have a chance to say anything. My wife, a Clinton supporter, looked up from her paper and said, "Is that guy a Republican?"

Hint to Hillary, don't send somebody who looks and sounds like a Republican mouth piece straight from Karl Rove's central casting to defend you from the charge that your foreign policy is Bush-Cheney lite. Wolfson's demeanor screams pompous, arrogant, put upon Republican.

Some might think I have been a little hard on Hillary the last couple of days. If I have been it is because there are some heavy questions that have to be asked of and answered by Hillary and all the candidates.