Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm getting published, and on a pretty important issue

Pardon me for tooting my own horn a bit, but ...

This February, I wrote an op-ed column in my newspaper about how the mentally ill often get "warehoused" in the Texas prison system. It caught the eye, online, of Chris Salazar, publisher of DOCTalk, a nationally-distributed, Texas-based physician advocacy quarterly magazine. (The current issue's cover story is an in-depth interview with Michael DeBakey; inside stories include an interview with the director of Houston's M.D. Anderson cancer center; you can learn more about the mag here.)

So, he's running the column in his next issue, as part of a series on mental health issues. On this particular issue, the "advocacy" part includes getting parity on mental health insurance coverage and many other issues, which of either state or federal legislative action in many cases.