Sunday, July 1, 2007

Media Hand Terrorists Major Victories In London and Scotland

Three failed terrorist attacks in England and Scotland have lead to a world wide media outcry: British police arrest five after car bomb attacks; In Depth London Attacks; Islamic group claims London attack; Attack on London; U.K. Police Make 5th Terror Arrest; Fifth Arrest In Britain's Terror Scare and so on, endlessly repeated across the known world.

Folks, it seems some really dumb terrorists tried to start fires in London and Glasgow. They failed in London, but succeeded in Glasgow. No innocent person was hurt. One would be terrorist was killed and another injured in the Glasgow attack.

Somewhere in Pakistan Osama Bin Laden is smiling. For the cost of a handful of home grown religious fanatics, three automobiles, a couple of crappy cellphones, a few bottles of petrol and propane, and with the eager complicity of CNN, MSNBC, BBS, News Corp and damn near every newspaper on the planet, his movement has struck fear in the hearts of people everywhere.

Here in America Rudy Giuliani is also smiling. Cable news has proven once again that it can be stampeded by really dumb terrorists threatening English speaking, white people. His flagging campaign was given a real boost.

In other news KUNA is reporting that today, July 1, 2007, two Iraqi policemen were killed and five others were injured, including four high-ranking officers, in a suicide bomb attack that targeted a security check point in Fallujah.

CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, ABC, CBS, BBC and all the rest of you, please get a grip. What happened in London and Glasgow is a great day in Iraq. At least no innocent bystanders were killed.