Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Republican Congressman To Bush--Libby Did The Crime, Libby Should Do The Time

I was reading the news this morning when I ran across a snippet buried near the bottom of a story featuring Rep. Jessie Jackson Jr.'s call for an impeachment inquiry. Apparently, some Republicans haven't gotten the memo that the President's men are more equal that the rest of us.

North Chicago suburban Congressman Mark Kirk (R-IL) expressed his disappointment with the President's decision to commute Libby's jail time.

“He was indicted by a grand jury and convicted beyond the shadow of a doubt by one of the best prosecutors in America, Patrick Fitzgerald, and didn’t have a single member of a 12-member jury stand up with him,” Kirk said. “At that point, if you’ve done the crime, you should do the time.”
Congressman Kirk's comments give me hope that some Republicans realize that we are all Americans first. George W. Bush might turn out to be a uniter after all.

You can catch the video of Congressman Kirk's reaction at RawStory.