Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Romney Willingly Signs Offensive Photo

Mitt Romney is catching flak for holding up a sign created by one of his grammatically challenged supporters, appearing to endorse the message contained therein. Romney has attempted to deflect the flak by:

a) claiming he isn't responsible for all the signs he poses with;
b) explaining the wording was just a "funny play on words";
c) stating we should all just "lighten up".

Jerid at Buckeye State Blog asked the stormin' Morman candidate to sign a copy of the photo. Romney did. Happily. Predictably, Romney-ites and dittoheads have directed a great deal of hate toward Jerid, accusing him of fraud. Fortunately, that second photo shows Jerid offering the photo to Romney face up, making it clear Romney knew exactly what he was signing. That hasn't stopped the hateful comments, which fortunately haven't stopped Jerid. I especially enjoyed the post on the Young Republican pleading guilty to raping a fellow Young Republican at a Young Republican convention.