Monday, July 2, 2007

Scooter On Over To The Big House Bubba!

Well, OK then; Scooter is one step closer to the Big House. I trust the Libby Lobby will make the obligatory application to the Supremes, but as I have opined previously, that application should go to Justice Roberts as the "hot judge" for such matters from the DC Circuit (each Supreme is responsible for a certain area of the country, or grouping of districts, for purposes of matters like this and emergency applications) and I don't think Roberts is likely to summarily overrule his compatriots in the DC District and DC Circuit Courts that he so recently served with and among. The significance of the unanimous opinion on this by the DC Circuit panel, including the right wing weather vane Judge Sentelle, is that it removes any cover for Justice Roberts should he be inclined to spring the Scoots. This is in addition to the reason of quieting the incredible noise machine of the Goopers and Libby Lobby .

Now the interesting thought is, and I think it was John Dean that lightly touched on this early on, that if Bush uses the pardon power for Libby (commutation is a derivitive of the pardon power) it then creates a cogent and compelling basis for an obstruction and aiding and abetting investigation. Here is where the thought gets really interesting: the obvious agent for this investigation is none other than Mr. Pat Fitzgerald. In fact he needs no further impetus or designation of authority, it is inherent in his current delegation. In this regard, I am tempted to hope Bush exercises some aspect of the pardon power on Libby tomorrow. This is also a salient reason, however, why it will be very difficult for Bush to appease his base and Cheney with the pardon/commutation for Scooter.