Sunday, July 29, 2007

"Sean Hannity Sings 'Stand By Your Man' to George Bush"

The following is not a campaign video. It isn't what I would call music. It isn't much of anything really except absolutely off the wall. On a day when Fox News couldn't find a loyal Bushie to defend Alberto Gonzales, I thought you would like to hear a Sean Hannity rendition of "Stand By Your Man."

Posted on YouTube by manicwithmark July 28, 2007. Manicwithmark says "this is for parody purposes only- Sean Hannity "singing" Patsy Cline's 'Stand by your Man.' Be careful epileptics- it's on slideshow overload. I originally had a video compilation, but lost all the data in a p.c. crash. This is what I whipped up real fast to replace it!"