Thursday, July 12, 2007

Short Take - Pardoning Scooter

TPMuckraker has a post on Rep. Artur Davis (D-AL) who is advocating pardoning Scooter Libby. It's also the headline blog at The Blog Report. Basically, it's the argument we've heard before:

Davis' rationale? Since the commutation allows Libby continued appeals to contest his conviction, he would assert his Fifth Amendment rights in the event that Congress calls him to testify about the Plame leak.

"If a pardon had been granted this committee could have immunized him and brought him here," Davis said.

Sounds right? Uh, NO! We need to rid ourselves of this thought process right now.

Lest we forget, what was Libby convicted of? Perjury - that means lying, not telling the truth, fabricating, prevarication, omission.

The man is a liar and he will lie about anything to protect the Dick - even to Congress, pardon or not, immunity or not.