Tuesday, July 10, 2007

TalkingPointsMemo Has Changed Layout

Talking PointsMemo has changed its look. You might want to check out the newspaper style layout TPM has introduced this morning.

As we've grown and had more and more original reporting we wanted to bring to you, more and more posts on the TPM blog have been links to reports we've published at TPMmuckraker, Election Central and TPMCafe. That's made the blog not just a blog but also a portal to access the rest of our content. But while that's worked fine, it's not ideal. It makes it hard to see at a glance what's new at TPM and also changed the nature of the blog itself.
I like the new layout. Although Josh touts reader friendliness, the layout's real advantage is that it dramatically increases advertising space. More advertising means TPM can afford to hire more reporters and to produce more audio visual pieces. As long as it doesn't get in the way of content, increased ad space is a good thing.

That is two days in a row I have written something good about Josh Marshall. That's creepy. I need to take a shower.