Sunday, July 22, 2007

An Update In The War On Social Security: Major Combat Operations Are Far From Over

While on sporadic "watch" last week, I noticed a U.S. House vote of 231-199 (those party lines seem so clearly drawn these days) to block payment of the salary of Andrew Biggs, Bush's new deputy commissioner of the Social Security Administration.

Biggs was a congressional "recess" appointment by the Bush administration. But this one wasn't exactly stealthy, because he is well-known as an advocate of Social Security privatization. They went ahead and appointed him while our noble Solons and Dracos were out of town.

Surely they realized that this eventually meant "war." As far back as Nov. 19, 2006, a New York Times editorial criticized the proposed Biggs appointment as "a bad choice" and described the nominee as "a zealous advocate of privatizing Social Security." He's been one of those nominees whose name has been on the table for many months. He is one of the most staunch advocates of private Social Security accounts, an idea rejected by consensus as something that would likely jeopardize the one guaranteed source of retirement income that ordinary working Americans can count on.

But, this amendment to HR 3043, the bill funding the Health and Human Services budget, would nullify Biggs' salary until he is confirmed by the Senate -- if or when.

There is seemingly no end to these people's arrogance and hubris. It evidently will go on until the very last day the Bush junta is in office. They can be neither humbled nor chastised, nor do they even show any aptitude for learning from experience. But, just chalk this one up as Case No. ???? ...