Tuesday, July 3, 2007

We Are Burning Daylight

Tuesday morning, the day after Bush gave Scooter a get out of jail pass free card and he skated into history. The blogosphere seems to have had all the air sucked right out of it. Every where I go, I see the same stories I saw last night. It is like we woke up yesterday thinking we lived in a land where we were all equal and all had to abide by the rule of law, and went to bed living in some banana republic.

Paul Begala has an interesting take. The President is tough on crime, he will throw the switch an a grandmother and laugh, but if you are one of his rich and right-wing and Republican buds, "George is a real softie." Bush reserves his compassion for conservatives.

Enough wallowing.

Wake up folks. George W. Bush and the rest of the gang that thinks they are more equal than the rest of us isn't going away for a while. There are elections in 18 months. It is time to start organizing for those elections. We need to sweep Republicans and their Democratic congressional enablers from the field. The same for Presidential candidates who pander to the rich elites, prouder of their fund raising ability than their policy positions. Eighteen months until those elections.

In the meantime we have to make sure the important stories are reported and light shines on every aspect of our government. We have to make sure that even after those elections our elected Representatives are really representing us. That is a job that will take the rest of our lives.

Rise and shine folks. Get up and get going. We have a republic to save. Time is wasting. We are burning daylight.