Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Where Is The Democratic Video Explaining Why Reid Pulled The Defense Authorization Bill?

Darn, I wish progressives had the audiovisual capabilities of conservatives.

This morning after the all night Senate session, when he had every body's attention, Harry Reid announced that he was pulling the defense authorization bill from consideration until the Republicans relent and give the Senate an up or down vote on Iraq. I wrote an article. Greg Sargent and Spencer Ackerman wrote extensively on the significance of Reid's move. BobGeiger posted on the topic. There are comments all over the left side of the Internet. It was big news.

If you visit Think Progress you discover with a major failure on the part of both Senate Democrats and, just as importantly, the left side of the Internet. Think Progress has posted an article with video clips of John Kyle and John McCain deploring Reid's move. Essentially they are attempting a little political judo. While they engaged in obstruction, the Republicans are attempting make it look like Reid is hurting the country by denying the troops all kinds of things. As has been written everywhere the Defense Authorization Bill is for FY 2008 and doesn't go into effect until October. Kyl and McCain are simply lying. There is plenty of time to pass the Authorization Bill.

It seems their political judo might succeed simply because there are no comparable clips from Reid or any other Democrat explaining why Reid pulled the Defense Authorization Bill. At least I haven't found any on YouTube. I haven't found any on Think Progress. I haven't found any on TPM. None. Nada. If they exist, I am not seeing them.

Think Progress does have a Reid comment calling Republicans dedicated obstructionists, but as the article accompanying that clip notes his decision to pull the bill wasn't announced come until after he left the floor. It certainly isn't part of the clip.

Within minutes of Reid's announcement there should have been a professionally produced video up on YouTube starring the most articulate and passionate Democrats around. It shouldn't be hidden on some blog somewhere. It should be all over the place. Bloggers should be getting emails containing the YouTube embed. I am not shocked, but I am disappointed the Democrats left the field to the Republicans who promptly trotted out the disingenuous Kyl and McCain.

If I am wrong, let me know.