Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Barack Obama Answers Questions In Iowa

The following video is from Ben Smith's Blog at The Politico. Barack Obama is asked a good question about his position on Pakistan during an Iowa rally. He gives a particularly good answer.

Smith reports that a couple of hours earlier Obama was asked a tougher question than any professional talking head would dare ask any candidate.

(A) man who gave his name as Mike Gilder first praised Obama's opposition to the war, then said that, as he understood it, "You said recently that you would be willing to launch an attack on terorirst targets in the country of Pakistan without the support of the Pakistani government."

"I'm sure as a lawyer you're familiar with the principle of national sovereignty," he instructed Obama, before continuing on a harsher note:

"Aren't you really buying into the George Bush doctrine of fighting terrorism by attempting to hunt down and kill terrorists?"
Sadly there doesn't seem to be any video of Obama's response to Gilder's question. If you see the video let me know.

The best things about the early primaries are the question and answer sessions of the kind we see in this video. The best thing about modern video equipment is that we can all share in the answers candidates give to unscripted questions. No doubt all the candidates mostly fall back on scripted answers, but occasionally a real discussion breaks out. YouTube gives us a chance to see those discussions. That is why this is going to be the first YouTube election.