Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Brilliant Strategy Of Democratic Leaders On FISA

The New York Times Editorial Board is heartened by the promises of the Democratic leaders to protect the Constitutional rights and sanctity of American citizens:

Like many in this country who were angered when Congress rushed to rubber-stamp a bill giving President Bush even more power to spy on Americans, we took some hope from the vow by Congressional Democrats to rewrite the new law after summer vacation.
The only encouraging notes were that the new law has a six-month expiration date, and that leaders of both houses of Congress said they would start revising it immediately.
It is just jim dandy that Congress is going to "revisit" the issue after their leisurely vacation. And I am glad that everybody is so heartened by that thought. What a strategy. So exactly what is their thought process for after Bush's veto of their principled revisitation? This is a freaking joke and no one seems to get it. The level of thought process in this country is abysmal. It is a good thing that it is Saturday afternoon, because I clearly am in need of several cocktails to curb my crankiness. I will do everybody a favor and start on that immediately....