Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Campaign Video of the Day -- August 14, 2007

Yesterday as part of the news of the day I posted Hillary's First TV Ad. It is really, really good. I recommend you take a look.

The Clinton ad might find itself into the contest later in the week, but today's winner is totally amateur. You have to be a certain age to find this funny. I don't know if that age is 15 or 65. Not everybody loves Hillary. Hillary Clinton Doomesday Machine. It was posted by a Star Trek fan named Kirkat.

If you see a campaign 2008 video, or if you have made one, and you would like to nominate it for Campaign Video of the Day, please contact me at proctoring.congress@gmail.com Subject: Campaign Video of the Day. If you don't think your email is getting through, leave a comment in the comments thread.