Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Democrats And The Country Are Being Rolled Again

Well, here we are again, back on our wobbly Democratic heels and reeling. "Nobody rolls out a new pitch in August"; so off our genius Democratic leaders and Congressmen flew to their well earned vacation spoils. They worked so hard saving the Constitution for us you know. Except the Administration is rolling out their big September war push early. In August. They appear to have a lot of barrels blazing. As Condi would say, "Nobody could have predicted that!"

Ari Fleischer is getting massive play with his new warmonger commercial and multi-media PR offensive (did nobody know what he was up to?). Adm. Michael McConnell is pounding the pavement, as has been duly noted by just about everybody. Karl Rove is flitting about like the magic war fairy. Bush is on the offensive (I guess you can call his pathetic delivery in his speech today as being on the offensive). The warmonger Republican/Neocon PR talking head troops are on message and beating the bushes to consume air time; and they are doing it. The newspapers are full of security/war op-eds by think tank Neocons and professors like Philip Bobbitt. We are in the midst of a full on Alpha strike (that means every man and every weapon) on the PR pitch for the war. Did the Democrats even bring a knife to this gunfight? Nope, we got nuthin. This sure gets old.