Friday, August 10, 2007

Fox News and John Edwards

I thought about putting something up from comedy central or maybe a professional comic, but I thought this was the funniest video I have seen this week. This was put together by TPM. Good job guys.

Gee BillO, John Edwards doesn't want to appear on Fox. I wonder why?

The laughing at Fox News lamp is lit. Guffaw if you got em.

UPDATE: Blue Girl tells me that even with the funnies I have to do something "value added." OK, concerning BillO's opening comments, according to Multichannel News while Fox remains the dominate cable news network

Fox News averaged a 1.2 primetime rating in July, down 14% from the same month last year. CNN averaged a 0.6, down 25% from 0.8, and MSNBC posted a 0.5 rating, up 67% from July 2006.
Fox down 14%, MSNBC up 67%. Fox is not exactly "growing while the others are disintegrating."