Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Straw Poll Eyewitness

Here is a link to a good post by a friend of mine who voted in the GOP straw poll last weekend. He found several aspects of the event disappointing. Chuck used to write a column for the Des Moines Register called "Iowa Boy". He also used to be a (Catholic) Democrat but changed largely because of his strong opposition to abortion. Otherwise, he is as moderate as a Republican can be. Here is a snippet of his observations:

Huckabee seems to me to have veered to the right – even for a conservative like he is – with his rigid positions on the war, the Middle East, immigration reform. I think he has pandered to the Fair Tax crowd and the National Rifle Association. Still, he has run a fun campaign here, using his strong sense of humor, his exceptional speaking ability, stories about how he lost 110 pounds in recent years, and his playing the bass guitar in his own rock ’n’ roll band.

Click on through for some more of his perspective on the campaign.

Update: Here is his report on the John Edwards appearance in Jefferson, Iowa today.