Tuesday, August 14, 2007

One good reason not to trust Hillary

(Among many, in my book?) Marshall Wittman. Justin Raimundo, who says many neocons may reincarnate themselves to the donkey party as a new generation of “Scoot Jackson Democrats,” has more:

Sucking up to Hillary and her court won't be too difficult: the neocons already have an inside line in her camp in the person of Marshall Wittmann, the former Trotskyist-turned-Christian-Coalition-director-turned-McCainiac who is now Hillary's Rasputin. This ideological chameleon, whose advice to go hawkish and prove her credentials as a potential commander-in-chief she appears to be taking, is the archetypal neocon, which is not so much a doctrine as it is a history. Wittmann's political odyssey from the fever swamps of Spartacism to the storied heights of Washington's neoconservative network is an exaggerated version of Hillary's own hegira, from the far Left of the Democratic Party to the DLC-Lieberman-Scoop Jackson far Right.

Couldn’t have described Wittmann much better myself.