Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday Night's Funny 8-11-07

This afternoon a handful of us on the WTWC staff (two of our professional journalists, Blue Girl and me) met at the WTWC World Headquarters building here in K.C. (Well, we actually met in a small meeting room at the local library.) We called our meeting YearlyWTWC. The agenda said we were supposed to talk about technical blogging stuff, but since I was in the room we often drifted to funnier topics. During one drift Blue Girl brought up the Dennis Kucinich money line from the AFL-CIO debate.

Dennis' line is part of tonight's funny. See if you agree with Blue Girl (and me) that it is the funniest scripted line delivered by any candidate, Democrat or Republican, in the last week. Adam Green's Lunchbox recorded 8.08.07.