Sunday, August 12, 2007

Supporter Charges that "Meet The Press" Ignored Ron Paul Finish In Iowa

I have just received an email from a Ron Paul supporter. He is complaining that this morning NBC put up a graphic showing the results of the Iowa Ron Paul Straw Poll. He insists that NBC left Ron Paul off the list entirely. According to my source

NBC displayed the results of the Iowa Straw Poll on their screen AND LEFT OUT RON PAUL. They skipped right over him and their list went from Tom Tancredo to Tommy Thompson!!!!!!
As Henry P. Wallace reported earlier Ron Paul received 9% of the votes cast. Please let me know if you can confirm this viewer's report. I am looking for video. So far nothing is up on the web. Meet the Press is just now being broadcast on the West coast.

I am not a Ron Paul supporter, but I do believe the media has a duty to report results honestly and completely. It really isn't their job to pick winners and losers.

Update at 3:22 central. I just looked at the Meet the Press segment on the straw poll. Unless NBC changed it's graphic my email correspondent is wrong. NBC's graphic only listed the top four. Paul was 5th and Thompson was 6th.