Thursday, August 2, 2007

"What Are You Going To Do With A Guy Like Dodd?"

Bill O'Reilly ended the segment of his radio show featuring his shouting match with Chris Dodd over Dodd's decision to attend the YearlyKos with "What are you going to do with a guy like Dodd?"

Well Bill, having listened to the audio of your Chris Dodd segment, I am tempted to go to Dodd's website and give him a contribution.

Regardless who you support, I think everybody in the netroots should send Dodd $50 and give him a cheer the next time you see him.

I am amazed that O'Reilly aired the segment on his radio show. Even with the luxury of editing, O'Reilly was unable to hide the fact that Dodd administered an old fashioned ass kicking. Go listen to it, the audio is simply amazing. Dodd left O'Reilly sputtering.

Unless O'Reilly decides not to show it, the video, which was preempted last night by the Minneapolis bridge collapse, should be on Faux Noise tonight.