Monday, September 10, 2007

Airport Stall Law

It should be noted that Sen. Larry Craig has filed his motion to set aside the plea agreement in Hennepin County. Here is Craig's Motion

It looks like a very strong motion to me. I would give at least 50:50 odds, if not a fair amount better, that Craig gets this plea withdrawn. That should make for an interesting pickle for the GOP leadership, especially Mitch McConnell in the Senate, who has his own gathering storm on the homosexual hypocrisy front.

My collegue, the Socratic Gadfly. has written "it’s anti-gay GOPers like Craig, including anti-gay, but actually gay or bisexual, GOPers who lock themselves in their own sexual closets, who have made this a crime anyway." That sounds all flashy and everything, but that is just flat out wrong. Whether this is a crime or not is controlled completely by the authority of the Minnesota statutes which, quite frankly, speak for themselves.

I am not a fan of Sen. Larry Craig (R-Airport Stall), nor am I a fan of what he is accused of doing, nor even the belligerent conduct he has engaged in by the unequivocal facts to date. What I am an unmitigated fan of, however, is the orderly and proper rule of law pursuant to Constitutionally permitted legal and judicial process. With a plea form defective on it's face on the Constitutionally protected issue of right to counsel, with no proper record (audio or written), and with no proper factual basis for the plea accepted in this case; if one truly cares about the rule of law, it is hard to argue that this plea should stand. I predict it will not.