Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Beltway Wing of the Democratic Party Stands Firm With Bush/Cheney Against The Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party

The House has just passed a resolution 341-79 condemning for the New York Times ad asking whether Gen. David Petraeus should be called "General Betray Us." This follows a similar Senate resolution last week. Also today the Senate passed a reportedly watered down version of the Kyl-Lieberman Let's Bomb Iran Resolution 76-22. The watered down resolution probably gives Bush/Cheney the cover they need to order an air strike on Iran. The votes for the Kyl-Lieberman included Hillary Clinton. Somehow Barack Obama avoided voting.

Before we get lost in the details I think it is important to step back and take a look at what our Democratic leadership is saying to the Democratic wing of the Democratic party. Essentially, they, including Hillary, are saying, "progressives, go Cheney yourselves. We can afford to take you for granted because we know you haven't got any place to go. We don't want the media and our contributors in the Israel lobby jumping all over us for not signing on with Dick Cheney's Iranian war, and for not condemning over a trumped up distraction invented by the Republican spin machine."

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The President commented last week that Democrats are more afraid of MoveOn than they are of the "military." He was wrong. The Democratic leaders, including Hillary, are more afraid of the President and the neo-con wing of the mainstream media than they are of their own base. In fact, they are scared to death to oppose Republicans. Maybe it is time we members of the Democratic wing of the Democratic party stopped enabling the current Democratic leadership.

What do we do to get their attention? Maybe it is time we tell Hillary that if she really wants war with Iran so bad she should join the Republican party. I would recommend everybody write Hillary condemning her for voting for the Kyl-Lieberman Let's Bomb Iran Resolution. The Democratic "leadership" seems to be motivated by fear more than principle. Maybe it is time we contacted the Pelosi, Obey, Reid and the rest of the house and Senate leadership to tell them no more money until you sign on for peace.