Friday, September 14, 2007

Campaign Video of the Day -- September 14, 2007

The Campaign Video of the Day is the historic John Edwards video entitled John Edwards - Response to President Bush. I posted that video last night. I don't want to post any video twice. If you haven't seen it you will find it about 3 posts down.

My contract with Blue Girl requires me to embed something. Ultimately my choices are between two posts featuring Peter Pan like characters. The first, entitled Peter Pan And Hillary Clinton: Two Real Americans, is a little bit goofy, but has great music and nice amateur production values. The second is last night's speech given by a far more tragic Peter Pan like figure--George W. Bush. It features a catchy title: President Bush National Address on Iraq War Progress. I guess I will post the GWB speech for the benefit of the folks who haven't seen it. Follow the link to the other video.

The President's speech was posted to YouTube by TPM. It is a runner up. The winning "Edwards Response" was posted to YouTube by the Edwards campaign.

If you have a campaign video deserving broader play, please email the link to subject: Campaign Video of the Day. I promise to find it among all the emails sent to Blue Girl by big name bloggers flogging stories.