Sunday, September 16, 2007

Campaign Video of the Day -- September 16, 2000

I have been watching the round table on This Week. Very Serious People all. They all agree that the Democrats in Congress are going to come out in favor of an eternal presence in Iraq. Watching Jack Reed this morning I think they might be right. Why is no one capable of thinking differently. Well, the House of Saud and Israel want us stay to help them make sure they don't have to grow up and deal with their own citizens or with each other in a peaceful way. As long as the Saudis have oil and the members of AIPAC continue to love Israel more than America, and are willing to spend millions bribing politicians with campaign contributions, the elected politicians, Republicans and most Democrats alike will do what they are told.

Today's video tells you what our Very Serious People expect of you. America is looking for a few good children to fight in Iraq.

Posted by BigFatTonyCal.
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