Saturday, September 22, 2007

Campaign Video of the Day -- September 22, 2007

Today's Campaign Video is brought to us by the "good" people at the Club For Growth. It is disingenuously entitled "John Edwards Wants to Raise Social Security Taxes." It is a perfect example of how a title can mislead. If you watch the video you discover that John Edwards was asked how can we raise revenue to help address any short fall in Social Security. He responds by suggesting that it is possible to raise revenue without adversely affecting the folks making up to $200,000 by simply removing the "cap" on Social Security Taxes for people earning more than $200,000. Edward's proposal means ultra high end taxpayers like him pay more of their earned income for social security but the rest of us continue to pay the same. Edwards proposal is one that serious policy people from both sides kick around every time there the topic comes up. Watch the video and compare it to the caption. It doesn't support the reasonable conclusion you might draw from the caption that John Edwards "wants" to raise social security tax rates across the board. This video is an example of why no one should ever form an opinion based on a headline.

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